Friday, May 15, 2009

Where does the time go?

Well, my sister, not so politely asked me last night when I was going to update my blog... I told her that facebook had consumed all my free time, which it has. So if we aren't friends on facebook, "friend me" asap and then you can keep up with our life and times in "real time." And I'll try to update this more frequently!

While we were in Houston for a wedding, Paige had fun playing dress up with Papa's ranch hat and boots.

We went to Houston at the end of April for Christy Lee's (my high school friend) wedding.

Viva Fiesta! Every year San Antonio celebrates Fiesta - which is similar to New Orlean's Mardi Gras in that there is a week full of parties and events.

This year we went to the River Parade and to the Fireworks Party at the Country Club. Both were so fun!

SAM's Mom Group at River Parade
L to R
Courtney, Traci, Kelly, Jennifer, Meredith and Shannyn

Fiesta Fireworks party with Taylor and Scott Allison.

Happy Easter. We had a great day celebrating and Paige loves to hunt for Easter Eggs. As we arrived home from church, Paige saw the eggs hidden in the yard and started screaming... "he came, he came!" PRECIOUS!

Lauren and I went to Chicago for a sister's trip in March.... so much fun. All we did was eat, drink and shop! Perfect Vacation!
For Spring Break we went to the coast with the Hughes Family. Nice getaway and Paige loves the beach.

Jack update
Jack is now 7 months old. At his 6 month check up his stats were:
28 1/4 inches - 95th percentile and 18 lbs, 7 oz - 60th percentile.
AT 6 months he was sitting up and now at 7 months is rolling over (finally - lazy little man.)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Barack Obama - sounds like.....

Over the weekend we went to dinner with some friends. Their son is in Paige's 3 year old pre-school class. His mailman is African American and when Scott saw him he went up to him and said "Are you Barack Obama?" The mailman politely said he was not and Scotty's response was "oh yea, you don't have the same shoes." I thought this was such a funny story and even more impressed that one of Paige's peers new who the President was.
Did this make us bad parents that we didn't educate our child on national news and politics - she's only three? So out of curiosity Andrew asked her, "Paige do you know who our President is?" And without hesitation she said, "Barack Obama." We were so impressed that she knew who he was. Our next question was "where did you learn that?" Her response - school. A few seconds passed and she said, "You know what Daddy - Barack Obama that sounds just like Taco Cabana." For those of you that aren't from San Antonio, Taco Cabana is a fast food mexican restaurant and she has always pronounced it "Cobana". You can imagine the laughter in our house that night. I'm sure our 44th President wouldn't like to sound like Taco C!
This pic has nothing to do with the story - but was so cute I had to post!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jack's Christening

We had a beautiful service and luncheon on Sunday 2/15 to christen Jack.

Jack's Godparents - Stephanie and Chad

Jack all sacked out with good family friend Janie

Andrew with Jack and cousin Campbell

4 Months Old

Jack turned 4 months old on 2/9!
He has such a great personality - he loves to talk and squeal and he gives the best smiles.
At his check up he came in weighing 15lbs, 9 oz - 60th percentile and was 27 inches long - 97th percentile. Looks like we are going to have another tall one on our hands.

Look who has graduated to the exersaucer!

Sweet Children

Paige loves to hug and love on her brother.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Paige's Big Girl Haircut

OK... I know my child is almost 3 and half and I just got her first official haircut. However, before it got sooooo long, I just couldn't bare the thought of losing the curls. I guess the baby curls eventually go away and then the big girl comes out.